Wastelander’s face mask

My mother in law often invited me to eat with the family. I had a very large appetite and she never had enough food for me, let alone for me and everyone else. My fiance knew I left hungry. But I never mentioned it. She was walking around with that camera laughing her ass off at me! She started knocking on my window and yelling that her lawyer was going to sue me from here to hell. My insurance company didn’t care for her explanation of events. Neither did the police or my doctor for that matter. I got a rather nice settlement from her and her attorney, thank you very much. Point is to encourage teenagers to question what is not clear and do a lot on their own and teacher should help them out in doing that. Kids should be thought how to think and not forced to memorize useless information. So I found out later he really did take a course, and he practiced with my friends he worked with the guy, who is hearing, but fluent, so they practiced every day. Every time I saw him he was getting better and better.

Wastelander’s face mask

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