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We arrive in Orlando and guess what? My bag did NOT magically make it’s way to Orlando. I had another person’s bag that matched my claim ticket. We went to lost luggage and after an hour or so of dicking around, they finally said the bag would arrive at 2pm the next day and they would have it delivered to our hotel, they would call and let us know when to expect the bag some time the next day, and that they would reimburse for anything I needed to buy since my baggage was missing.

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If my kid is dirty its because my kid actually plays outside so mind ya business shirt

I wanted to spend my money at Disney not on stupid clothes and things even if I was eventually getting reimbursed it didn’t really help with cash flow at the time. So I just bought a toothbrush, deodorant, 1 set of underwear, 1 pair of shorts, and pjs. I borrowed Tshirts, comb, and socks from my husband. We let the hotel know as we were checking in that the airline had lost one of our bags and was supposed to be delivering it the next day.

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