Mighty Morbid Horror Rangers Halloween shirt

I had a neighbor named Cherri. Pronounced like the fruit. Cherri was a raging alcoholic. I never saw her sober, but people who did said she was as sweet as could be when she was sober. Maybe she was sober those times when she called me Honey and Baby and Sweetheart. I don’t know. I couldn’t tell. But I know for sure she was drunk as a skunk the night she accosted me as I was heading to the stairs that led to my apartment. I don’t remember what started her off, but I was pretty well accustomed to her drunken outbursts by then, so I just laughed her off when she started accusing me of thinking I was better than her.

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Those words sliced me like a knife when my, now ex, boyfriend told them to me. I was 19 and had a rough time dating due to being a young mother, I had my son at 15. My then boyfriend and I had been together for 9 months and I was hopelessly in love and wearing rose colored glasses so I didn’t see the many red flags he was giving in our relationship. He normally treated me nicely and my son adored him so I pushed them to the side. No one is perfect right?

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Mighty Morbid Horror Rangers Halloween shirt

One day we got into a fight. I don’t remember about what but he had a quick temper and I’m not one who liked confrontation so it must’ve been bad, but I do remember the last thing he said to me. “It’s your fault you’re a single mom.” I screamed at him to get out and sank to the floor bawling my eyes out. I had left my sons father after almost 4 years, including an engagement, due to emotional abuse and other things I refused to let my son grow up with. When my then boyfriend told me that sentence it destroyed me.

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It made me feel like I didn’t make the right choice and Mighty Morbid Horror Rangers Halloween shirt and I was doomed to be in a repeated cycle. I soon broke up with him, but even now over two years later that’s one of the most horrible things anyone, especially someone I loved ever told me. Tipalti’s accounts payable automation process for invoice-based workflows is a comprehensive solution that minimizes manual effort, maximizes self-service, and dramatically increases scalability and auditability. Here’s how it works to elevate your finance team.

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We will probably never rent a vehicle through Hertz again. Several years ago we were planning an epic vacation that included renting a car and driving down the Pacific Coast highways. I had done some preliminary pricing online for a rental car one-way from Seattle to LA. Wow! It would have almost made more sense to buy an old beater to make the drive. However as a AAA member, I had a discount through Hertz. My wife decided to call to see if she could get a better deal that way. The customer service person she spoke with offered a deal that was nearly half of what I’d been seeing.

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She peppered me with questions as I made my way up the stairs, saying things like, “What makes you think you’re so good?” and “Get off your high horse” and “You have your nose in the air just like a bitch.” She was slurring so badly, I had to work at it to understand her. I don’t know why she picked me that night, but I ignored her, knowing better than to engage her, and reached my door and unlocked it. As I opened my door to go inside, Cherri took her last shot at me and tilted her head back and yelled at the sky.

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