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I asked Jim why he seemed so sad if the Raccoon that’s what I do I drink coffee I eat garbage and I know things vintage shirt. Jim sheepishly told me that when it was time for Sandy to go home on Sunday, that she told him she was leaving Bill because she knew he and Lena had been having an affair. Instead of going home, her mother was picking her up to take her home to her house. After Sandy left, Lena came in and announced that she and Bill were going to be a permanent relationship, that Bill who was an attorney would have divorce papers filed on Monday.

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On the mainland, we reserved a house in Nafplio and the owner was a Greek doctor who lived in Athens and had a keeper for the house. The keeper was a drunken fool and his wife an arrogant, overworked maid who worked elsewhere. Many useful items were missing for the functioning of a rental house, not swept inside, or dusted, dirty porch, ,not properly cleaned.One morning as I was giving my granddaughters a shower, the water all of a sudden, burst out of the pipes, a dark orange color of rust..It ran Orange going to Brown for a long time….. I had to pull the girls out and try another toilet. We had to have a plumber pass a few hours fixing the pipes .So, we could not go to the beach! I was peeved!

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My son had made the reservations and we were entitled to some necessary refunds which did not happen because my son was timid with his complaints and the owner’s wife was a heartless creature and blood sucker negotiator. My son blatantly refused to let me negotiate the deal out of fear of a bad review for he travels a lot. I had paid for the house, I fluently speak Greek and I knew just what to do for her since the Greeks have very important stringent laws regarding rentals. I was fit to be tied.. I don’t take well to injustices , especially since she was well paid for her rental.I just did not want to have a family fight on vacation!

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I am a brick house in body shape and I some characters. I have been trained by President of the bank NOT do Mix my Business with my Pleasure.Many years later I need money now. I went to my bank officer for that money.This guy puts his hand on my thigh and said you need a man Not a loan. I am WOW. I say Let me tell you later.He says I will be here Monday. I went back next day and asked for who is in charge.A White Woman!! I love White Women for they will take a stand alone for Right. I told her about Old Dog.

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Raccoon that’s what I do I drink coffee I eat garbage and I know things vintage shirt

Old Dog at this location taking a Black man job. I don’t know Black man banker yet I did.President of the bank comes to me and asked me why are you here.He is mad for he didn’t want Old Dog with me.He says I am going to put him away from you if I caught you with him,he is fired!!! I just saved the First Black Banker job I have ever seen. I go to cashier a White Woman,she says say anything about the Black Banker and he is fired.I am Wow. I get home and my neighbor bring my son home. I told her I met your husband Today.she says I am sorry for who he is. I am called by Black Banker Trash.

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Jim seemed to have mixed emotions about his weekend the following Monday at work. I asked him what was wrong. He replied that his weekend had been amazing, that Sandy was an awesome lover and that they had Sex in nearly every room of his house all weekend long. They had amazing conversations between rounds, and He and Sandy had even cooked together some of the greatest meals ever. Seems the weekend flew by.

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