Never underestimate an old woman with healing hands shirt

Fortunately living in a small town Never underestimate an old woman with healing hands shirt and just Iowa in general (well most of Iowa), I find that instead of complaining most people will say thank you. To be honest many times I don’t feel like I even deserve the discount. I was active duty for 4 years. In that time I spent a year in Sourh Korea away from my wife. Then we moved to Savannah, Georgia where I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. My job did not include me leaving the bases when in country. So when I compare my deployment to that of others and especially to those of previous wars I always have felt I had it easy. While I’m on this little tangent I do feel we as a nation should be deeply ashamed of how we treated the Veitnam vets. If you are ever behind one in line please tell them thank you and I’m sorry.

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Never underestimate an old woman with healing hands shirt

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Is it a line from a movie or song? Never underestimate an old woman with healing hands shirt Maybe he was clumsily trying to crack a joke. Maybe one of his friends bet him 10 dollars he wouldn’t do it. Maybe he made an honest mistake and thought you were glaring at him, but even still he shouldn’t have said it like such an asshole. And that’s another possibility, probably the most likely one- he’s a total asshole you should have nothing to do with. If you care enough, you should ask him what was up with him saying that. Me: Because you’re such an ass that you keep making me cry. Call me bitch one more time and we’re over.

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