Top shirts Amimistore on 2020/07/29

Scalp care is an essential part of maintaining healthy hair. Scalp therapist and Paul Labrecque salon stylist Bridgette Hill’s favorite shampoo is Design Essentials Honey Creme Moisture Retention Shampoo, as it doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. She recommends not to wash your hair too often and, for those with longer strands, to put shampoo products into an applicator bottle “so that the Top shirts Amimistore on 2020/07/29  product penetrates the scalp more deeply.”Speaking of applicator bottles, Carol’s Daughter’s Wash Day Delight Shampoo comes pre-packaged in one, its gentle foam lather filled with refreshing aloe. Kinky-Curly’s Come Clean sulfate-free shampoo features the delightful scent of mandarin orange extract and offers a gentle cleanse, while sea kelp helps balance your hair’s moisture. Charlotte Mensah’s shampoo is a cocktail of manketti nut and ximenia oils, perfect for dehydrated scalps and parched strands. Golde founder Trinity Mouzon loves the Briogeo Avocado + Quinoa Co-Wash to keep her curls healthy—the perfect cleanser that at once removes dirt and build-up while moisturizing and detangling hair.

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