Top shirts Getsypremium on 2020/06/26

People are conditioned to live their lives in a certain way, so to change perceptions, we should look at our education system and the Top shirts Getsypremium on 2020/06/26 our media functions. I say this in every interview, but we need more teachers from the trans experience—who better to teach anatomy! Every high school should have a budget devoted to trans, Black, and gay people. I’ve spoken at so many colleges, and whether I’m going to NYU, Harvard, or Columbia, the conversations are the same because the students all grow up being taught the same things and don’t interact with people who are different from them. Why can’t we include Black trans women into every facet of society, so that they aren’t viewed as scary or unfamiliar. I’ve seen that by speaking to the 200 people in those rooms, I can change perspectives and expand their horizons.

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